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Product Name:
Large portable air compressor
Detailed description:
Large Portable Air Compressors
DrillAir™ : Wagon-mounted two-stage, oil-injected, asymmetrical rotary screw compressors, 25-35 bar (365-510 psig)

Product information
At Atlas Copco we understand your requirements in the tough world of industrial drilling, where reliability and easy maintenance are as essential as high-pressure air. Our DrillAir™ portable compressors deliver high capacity, high pressure effectively, reliably and cost-efficiently. You can further enhance their fuel consumption with the innovative FuelXpert™ system, while Oiltronix™ technology enables the components to last longer. Powered by heavy-duty Caterpillar engines, DrillAir™ compressors allow you to drill deeper and larger holes at the fastest penetration rates and with the highest productivity. All models are available in versions that meet the latest exhaust emission and noise directive criteria.

Customer benefits
DrillAirXpert™ offers an improved alternative to competitors¡¯ ¡®combo¡¯ systems by allowing full flexibility on pressure and flow regulation. The variable system is able to easily provide the exact pressure required when needed between 22-35 bar (300-510 psi). It can also be set to provide a fully regulated flow output of up to 673 l/s (1500 cfm).
Economical ¨C You can achieve large fuel savings at partial compressor load with FuelXpert™, which electronically regulates engine speed and the air inlet valve to optimize fuel consumption.
Energy savings and highest air volume with the DrillAir™ screw element.
Comfortable for your operators ¨C Silencing foam and buffers reduce noise levels, improving the conditions for your operators and guaran­teeing full compliance with all directives for outside noise.
Easy operation ¨C With the user-friendly control panel you get comprehensive digital diagnostics, a clear display, easy parameter setting and rapid access to your stored data.
Smooth, fast on-road towing and high maneuverability thanks to a tandem undercarriage.
Ultra-reliable ¨C Oiltronix™ V2 avoids formation of water in the compressor oil system leading to extended element lifetime.

Technical data

Technical Specifications

Normal effective working pressure

25 - 35 bar

Air flow (FAD)

550 - 630 l/s

Air flow (FAD)

33 - 37.8 m³/min

Sound power level

104 dB(A)


Caterpillar C18 ACERT T3


7200 - 10100 kg


5.4 - 6.8 m


2.25 - 2.53 m


2.51 - 3.05 m


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